Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie on a Stick

I'm pretty sure that is self explanatory. You must try this at least once in your life. They come from Key West by the creator himself.

Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream

We currently carry 6 different flavors of this creamy, super premium, homemade gourmet ice cream. Have it in a waffle cone, on a banana splits, in a milk shakes, on a kids cone or in a large or small cup. Whatever your little heart desires.


Featured Sweets

Le'Anns Cheesecakes

We now carry select flavors of Le'anns Cheesecakes. These cakes come in a convenient jar that insulates and keeps them fresh longer. They also makes for a great treat on the go or a snack some now and then snack some later. Family recipe and just to die for!


Kermit's Key West Key Lime Pie

Best tasting key lime pie you will have. True tart key lime flavor in a delicious graham cracker crust topped with fluffy whipped cream. Don't forget to ask about the STRAWBERRY key lime pie too!